Karate fighter Tjaša Ristić in the semi-finals of the top ten

Tjaša Ristić

Karate fighter Tjaša Ristić qualified on November 28, 2020 for the semi-finals of the top ten tournament, one of the strongest tournaments in the world. In Zagreb, despite stricter health measures, the top ten women took part in the 18th Zagreb Karate Festival. The current winners of member medals from European and World Championships are invited to participate.

This year ten karate fighters competed

This year ten karate fighters competed. Our best fighter Tjaša Ristić was among them. The candidate of the Karate Club from Kranj, who was Slovenian Taekwondo Player of the Year last year, qualified for the semifinals, in which she was defeated by Marina Raković, the representative of Montenegro. The reigning world champion Irina Zaretska from Azerbaijan secured first place (Madrid 2018). The final ended with a score of 1: 1. The former European champion and winner of the European Games in Baku, who usually won the first point, can thank her for winning. Sons in Zagreb it is an absolute category competition.

Tjaša Ristič played three matches in Zagreb

Tjaša Ristič appeared in three duels in Zagreb. She won the first two against opponents from Ukraine and Bosnia and Herzegovina. “This is an elite competition, mostly only European and world medalists take part. This match was after a nine-month break and I was really looking forward to it! It was a reality check because I didn’t know how I am prepared at all … If there are no competitions, you don’t know. I have great teammates at the club, but we already know each other down to the last detail. So you can’t know if this will definitely work for other opponents. I couldn’t wait to get back on kicking the tatami. At the same time, I was scared when I asked myself what if it doesn’t go so well? What if I have regressed? (otherwise unlikely, but you can’t know). In short, it was great! Not perfect, but I came home with very positive feelings. These tactics that I have been training have turned out well, I just need to refine them a bit. “

I am satisfied because I have defeated my eternal rival

“I am satisfied because I defeated my eternal rival (we both call ourselves elclassico) Anita Serogino from Ukraine. Then I had two great fights with the competitors from the higher category (-68kg, I’m -61kg). I defeated the Bosnian Ivona Čavar. But I lost with the competition from Montenegro after the referee’s decision in the semi-finals. In short, I come back with good feelings and a clear picture of where are these little things to perfection. The plan for the future is dictated by the Corona heheh .. Right now I’m focusing on improvements. I’ll try to find some training camps abroad and wait for the first game, which should be in February. Probably because everything is still in the air because of the Corona, “said Tjaša Ristič after returning home, which was certainly spurred on by the events in Zagreb and the will to work even harder on training.

We wish Tjaša Ristić many more sporting successes in her career.