Punching bags are important partner.

A punching bag is an important partner

Punching bags are important partner. Especially in these winter times, when most sports activities are carried out indoors. Since it is necessary to start from the current situation, that is, in addition to top athletes, the rest of us train individually, it makes sense to consider the use of aids. We can help ourselves a lot with a punching bag. This can be a very welcome aid in increased physical activity.

How to choose and buy the right punching bag?

“How to choose and buy the right punching bag? In fact, there are many different models available. We generally divide bags into freestanding and hanging. So you need to know before you buy if you can hang the bag anywhere at all? The wall or ceiling must be such that it can withstand a greater load, otherwise the bag will be torn from the wall or from the ceiling when it hits it. If you do not have the option of this type of attachment, then a freestanding bag is available. You can hit the bag with your hands and feet.”

“For both be useful hand and foot strikes. Most bags are made of artificial leather. You can buy a hanging bag already filled or empty and fill it yourself if you wish. Definitely a bag is a tool that will help you both relax and increase physical endurance. Boxers can’t imagine training without a bag.”

Punching bag are mandatory training program.

Punching bag are mandatory training program. Igor Rašič the former boxer, who has been teaching boxing in Maribor for years, says:

Igor Rašič

“It’s pretty simple. If we see boxing as a competitive sport, there have to be several different sacks in the hall. From lighter to heavier. If we keep an eye on recreational use, one is enough. For the younger ones (children) they should be lighter, let’s say the size of about 100 cm, for the older ones they should be heavier or longer. For adults at least 117 cm. The height of the punching bag also influences the weight of the punching bag. We need to know how high the ceiling is. And the length of the binding (steel chain) etc. If you want to have a punching bag at home, there is one rule – the bag should be 120-150 centimeters tall. The sack is mostly filled with scraps of fabric or leather scraps. Certain models are filled with water. The advantage of water is that it is evenly distributed. And it absorbs your blows better. I must add that when it comes to home use it almost doesn’t matter what or how heavy a punching bag is if the person who wants to box doesn’t know the correct basics of boxing technique … How simple it all is is also complex. It also depends on the knowledge of the trainee…. It is therefore a good idea to join a club and practice under professional supervision and refine your technique at home. “

If the words encourage you to buy one of the most technically demanding Slovenian boxers, then here are a few more tips.

In practice, the bag should be your opponent

In practice, the bag should be your opponent. That is, keep it in sight at all times. Don’t turn away from her! Always focus on the point of impact! This way you will avoid possible injuries due to incorrect estimation of the distance to the bag. Choose a place of impact and then hit that place accurately. For this to work, you need to be aware of how far you are from the bag. Also, you should not push the bag, but you should hit it. If you don’t succeed right away, you need to be aware that the exercise is the work of a master. The work of the hands must be dynamic, the contact with the bag short-lived. When hitting the bag, physical balance is very important, as otherwise the blows will look unconvincing.

You must stand firmly on the ground when hitting. The distance to the sack should always be the same, you should hit it a little before you fully extend your arm. If the sack swings or moves, so do you. Moving around the sack properly will increase your stamina.

Have you chosen the right sack, time will tell

If the sack swings too much, it means you’re pushing it, not hitting it. You can hit in sets of three strokes. Once you win that, you can increase the streak to four or five strokes. Their strength is not so important. Breathing is also important during sporting activities. Correct breathing enables the individual exercises to last longer. This is a topic for one of the following tips.