ITF Taekwondo Dobok Champion II | Adidas

The ITF Taekwonod Dobok Champion II by Adidas

is an ITF Taekwondo uniform with a black trim designed for masters of traditional Taekwondo who have attained the rank of 1st dan black belt. It is made of 98% polyester and 2% spandex, ensuring quick drying, softness, comfort, minimal wrinkling, and slight elasticity for freedom of movement. The jacket, following the traditional ITF cut with new ITF Taekwondo guidelines, features a V-neck pullover without Velcro closures, while the comfortable and wide pants have elastic and a drawstring at the waist to avoid hindering movement. The pants also include large mesh inserts for improved ventilation. The recognizable Tae Kwon Do lettering on the back, along with all ITF logos, is embroidered. The set includes a jacket with a traditional ITF cut and pants. The ITF Taekwondo Kimono Champion II comes with the new Adidas logo.

This item is approved by the International Taekwondo Federation (ITF). Height: 150 – 190 cm.

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Weight0,785 kg
Dimensions60 × 40 × 2 cm

150, 160, 170, 180, 190, 200




Polyester 98%, Spandex 2%




ITF Taekwondo Dobok Champion II – Adidas Taekwondo Uniform

The ITF Dobok Champion II, proudly crafted by Adidas, is a premium Taekwondo uniform designed for practitioners of traditional Taekwondo who have achieved the rank of 1st dan black belt. It is composed of high-quality materials that ensure optimal comfort and performance during training. This ITF-approved item represents an excellent blend of tradition, modern design, and functionality.


  • Material: The Dobok is made of 98% polyester and 2% spandex, providing excellent properties. The material dries quickly, feels soft to the touch, is comfortable to wear, and wrinkles less. Slight elasticity allows freedom of movement during training.
  • Jacket: The jacket follows the traditional ITF cut according to the new guidelines of ITF Taekwondo. With a V-neck pullover and no Velcro closures, it ensures a comfortable fit and elegance. The distinctive Tae Kwon Do lettering on the back, along with embroidered ITF logos, adds sophistication and recognition.
  • Pants: Comfort and functionality are crucial for the pants. Wide and comfortable pants with elastic and a drawstring in the waist do not hinder movement. Large mesh inserts on the pants provide excellent ventilation, especially during intense training.
  • New Adidas logo: Dobok Champion II brings freshness with the new Adidas logo, symbolizing the high quality and prestige of the brand.
  • ITF approved: This dobok is approved by the International Taekwondo Federation, ensuring it meets the highest standards of this prestigious sports association.


The Dobok is available in sizes for heights ranging from 150 to 190 cm, allowing everyone to find a uniform that perfectly fits their physique.

Wear the ITF Dobok Champion II and experience supreme comfort, elegance, and performance during every training session. This kimono is an excellent choice for any serious athlete who values quality and tradition in the world of Taekwondo.”


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