ITF Taekwondo Dobok Student 2 | Adidas

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ITF Taekwondo dobok Student 2

Adidas is a garment with a new premium design suitable for practitioners from white to red belt. It is made of ribbed poly-cotton material (65% polyester, 45% cotton), ensuring quick drying, softness, comfort, and minimal wrinkling. The jacket follows the traditional ITF cut, now without Velcro fastening, resembling a V-neck shirt. The pants feature an elastic waist with an additional drawstring, providing comfort and ample space for movement. All logos and the Taekwondo inscription on the back are embroidered, showcasing the new Adidas logo.

The set includes a jacket in the traditional ITF cut, pants with elastic waist and an additional drawstring.  The white belt is not included.

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140, 150, 160, 170, 180




Polyester 55%, cotton 45%




The ITF Taekwondo Dobok Student 2

by Adidas represents a pinnacle in design, catering to practitioners from white to red belt. Crafted from a blend of ribbed poly-cotton material, specifically 65% polyester and 45% cotton, this dobok offers a perfect balance of functionality and comfort. The fabric’s unique composition ensures not only rapid drying but also a plush softness that enhances overall comfort during training sessions. Additionally, its resistance to wrinkling adds to the durability and aesthetic appeal of the garment.
In keeping with the traditional ITF cut, the jacket embodies the essence of Taekwondo attire. The absence of a Velcro fastening has been replaced with a design reminiscent of a V-neck shirt, providing a sleek and contemporary look. The pants, featuring an elastic waist and an additional drawstring, are designed for optimal comfort and unrestricted movement. This thoughtful design allows practitioners to focus on their training without the hindrance of uncomfortable attire. The logos and Taekwondo inscription on the back are meticulously embroidered, emphasizing attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, all complemented by the distinctive new Adidas logo.
The set comprises not only the jacket, adhering to the traditional ITF cut but also pants equipped with an elastic waist and an extra drawstring for a secure fit. Importantly, this item has received approval from the International Taekwondo Federation (ITF), underscoring its compliance with industry standards. It is essential to note that the set does not include a white belt.
Designed to accommodate heights ranging from 140 to 180 cm, this dobok caters to a broad spectrum of practitioners. However, it is crucial to exercise caution, as the ITF Taekwondo Uniform is not pre-shrunk and may experience a shrinkage of approximately 2% after the initial wash. This emphasizes the need for careful consideration to ensure an optimal fit post-washing. Overall, the ITF Taekwondo Dobok Student 2 by Adidas is a testament to quality, functionality, and style, meeting the diverse needs of Taekwondo enthusiasts.


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