Free standing boxing dummy | Pride

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Free standing boxing dummy, Pride

is an ideal training partner. Designed in a masculine image, it enables realistic punch combinations that other bags cannot simulate. The improved elasticity of the spring and the special material match the hardness of the human body. The base can withstand 110-130 kg of water or sand, ensuring stability. The adjustable height of the free-standing punching dummy in three levels (158-180 cm) and the body dimensions of 53×70 cm adapt training to individual needs. The Pride dummy is perfect for improving punching techniques and power.


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Weight25 kg

25 kg


Skin color


Punching bag, Training equipment


158-180 cm




Free standing boxing dummy, Pride

represents an indispensable partner for improving boxing skills. Its leather color and black base give it a realistic look and feel, further enhancing its utility during training. This unique mannequin allows boxers to simulate the various punches and movements expected in the ring.

The Pride Freestanding Punching Dummy features an improved flex spring. Which provides a dynamic response to punches, allowing boxers to develop speed, accuracy and punch power. The special material used in the production imitates the hardness of the human body. Which allows for better preparation for actual fights. This is key to developing proper techniques and improving hitting efficiency.

Designed to hold between 110 and 130 kg of water or sand, the black base provides stability to the free-standing hitting dummy during intense training sessions. Stability is key to safe and effective exercise. Therefore, Pride fully meets the expectations of boxers, regardless of their experience or level of training.

Adjustable height in three levels, from 158 to 180 cm, allows training to be adapted to individual needs. A taller or shorter dummy can simulate different opponents, which is important for developing flexibility in boxers and gaining experience in different situations.

With approximate hull dimensions of 53x70cm, the hull offers a realistic hitting target. This allows boxers to accurately aim and perfect proper punching techniques. Combined with the skin color and black base, the Pride dummy not only provides functionality, but also an aesthetic aspect of training.

Along with accuracy, power and durability, the Pride dummy is a great accessory for any boxer looking to take their game to the next level. With its realistic appearance, improved response and flexibility in height, it is an extremely valuable addition to boxing equipment that enables effective and fun training.


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