MMA sparring gloves Combat 50 | Adidas

MMA sparring gloves Combat 50, Adidas

they are made with special additional protection on the impact surface and contain multi-layered foam filling, which enables safe and effective practice of martial arts. MMA sparring gloves are made of high quality Premium MAT PU artificial leather. The velcro fastening allows for easy adjustment and a proper fit of the gloves. Sparring Gloves for MMA are designed for training as well as for MMA competitions.


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Weight0,35 kg

Premium MAT PU artificial leather


Gloves with open fingers


S, M, L, XL


Military green




MMA sparring gloves Combat 50, Adidas

they represent the ultimate combination of safety and comfort, intended for all those involved in martial arts. The gloves are specially designed with an emphasis on additional protection of the striking surface, which is crucial in martial arts training. The multi-layered foam filling ensures optimal shock absorption, which enables safe and effective training without unnecessary risk of injury.

MMA sparring gloves are made of high-quality Premium MAT PU artificial leather, which ensures durability and durability of the gloves. The velcro closure allows for easy adjustment, ensuring an optimal fit of the gloves on the hand. This detail contributes to stability and reduces the risk of slipping during training or competition.

MMA gloves are designed to be used both during training and in MMA competitions. Not only do they offer superior protection, but they also allow freedom of movement and a good grip, which is crucial when performing complex fighting techniques. For all fans of martial arts, these gloves are an indispensable piece of equipment that combines top quality, safety and comfort.


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