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Boxing gloves Speed 100 Adidas. For the ultimate boxing training, trust the Adidas Speed 100 boxing gloves. The boxing gloves are made of solid PU synthetic leather and lined with Taffeta lining to ensure exceptional comfort and durability. The new IMF technology brings homogeneous impact absorption, protects hands from injuries during intense training. With a wrist closure made possible by an elastic hedgehog strap, the gloves fit snugly and maintain stability during exercise. Adidas Speed 100S gloves are an excellent choice for any boxer who wants a combination of quality, comfort and safety during their boxing exploits.

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We are proud to present the top-quality Adidas Speed 100 boxing gloves, which are designed to provide exceptional quality and comfort during training. They are made of durable PU synthetic leather, which ensures a long service life and durability of the gloves. The inside of the gloves is lined with Taffeta lining, which not only ensures comfort during wear, but also wicks moisture away from the hands, keeping them dry and hygienic during training.

The gloves are equipped with the innovative IMF (Injection Molded Foam) technology, which enables homogeneous impact absorption. This advanced technology protects the hands from possible injuries and enables safe and effective training. For added flexibility and safety, the gloves have an elastic velcro wrist closure that provides a snug fit and prevents the gloves from slipping during training.

Adidas Speed 100 boxing gloves are an excellent choice for all boxing fans who are looking for top-quality equipment for their training. With their combination of quality materials, advanced technology and ergonomic design, they will satisfy both demanding professionals and fans of martial arts. For carefree and efficient training, trust gloves that combine top quality and Adidas’ commitment to excellence in sports equipment.


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